Zach DeLuna

This is my newest project. This game helps students visualize how slope is calculated. Players control a robot with the goal of collecting items by determining the best flight trajectory.

Space Blocker is a mini game to help students learn the Cartesian coordinate system.

This is a simple math exercise in Flash to practice simple addition problems using manipulatives.

This was my first web application using Django/Python. MyStars is a classroom dashboard that allows teacher to give points and awards to students.

MathQs is a web application using Django/Python. This application allows users to submit interesting math questions with photos. Students can star interesting and fun problems. The goal is to create more engaging math problems.

I created an introduction video of an educational company here in New Orleans. I used ScreenFlow, GarageBand and Photoshop to make this video. The goal was to give parents and teachers a simple walkthrough of the web application.

An interactive tool to create a monthly budget. Created with Javascript.

A simulation to help learn the difference between simple and compounded interest. Created with Jquery and the HTML5 Canvas Element.

A HTML5 game to help learn directional phrases in Spanish. I wanted to use the Kinect functionality in the web browser to incorporate Total Physical Response practices in language acquisition. All you need to play is a Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion Sensor. Will need newest version of Chrome (August 2012). Also will need to download the Zigfu browswer plugin.